Ohio Five Projects

Denison Projects

Baptists in Burma

Jonathan Moore, Josh Finnell, Sherry Harlacher

Digital cartography will allow for the exploration of 19th century American Baptist missionary activity in Burma.

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The Expanding Archive

Sheilah Wilson

A digital archive of Queer Studies at Denison.

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Literature and Professional Life

Regina Martin

Digital Stories of Professional Life with an English Degree

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Mapping the Arts of the Oceanic World

Joanna Grabski

A digital exhibition exploring the forms and functions of Oceania’s expressive culture. The exhibition modules focusing on Polynesia and Melanesia are researched and curated by students in the course, Arts of Oceania.

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Translating the Translators

Jason Busic

Translating the Translators is both research and pedagogy as it blurs the lines between the two by creating a living edition of extant Iberian New Testament manuscripts in Arabic. This project aims to provide a platform for scholarly comparative editions of Iberian New Testament manuscripts in Arabic.

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The Arab American Community in Central Ohio

Hanada Al-Masri

The goal of this project is to create a digital oral history collection of the Arab-American community in central Ohio to broaden understanding of Arab Americans and to bring visibility to their contributions to and engagement with their local communities.

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Kenyon Projects


Gullah Digital Archive

Peter Rutkoff

Interviews, photographs, and lesson plans related to the Gullah culture of coastal South Carolina.

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The Community Within: Knox County Black History Archives

Ric Sheffield

Explores the history and experience of Black residents in Knox County, OH.

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The Four Valleys Project

Edward Schortman

A comprehensive digitized collection of primary field records generated during thirty years of archaeological research in the Naco, Cacaulapa, Santa Barbara, and El Paraíso Valleys, northwestern Honduras.

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Introductory Biology: Independent Research Papers

Jen Smith

Over two decades of independent research papers written by students for Kenyon’s Introduction to Experimental Biology course.

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Baedeker Guide

A Baedeker Guide

Kim McMullen

Through site visits, archival exploration, interviews, and fieldwork, students on the 2015-16 Kenyon-Exeter program will expand the textual focus of the literature/cultural studies classroom, researching and analyzing key elements of the material culture, history, traditions, and daily activities that shape Devon life.

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Latinos in Rural America (LiRA): A Digital Collection for Community-Engaged Learning

Clara Roman-Odio

A public humanities project designed to broaden knowledge, engagement and understanding of the Latino experience in rural Ohio.

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Digitizing the Denis Baly Collection: Pilot Project

Sarah Blick

The Denis Baly collection consists of over 14,000 images of art and architecture across North America, North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. This pilot will digitize and make available over 1,000 images from Iran.

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3D Digitization of Hominin Casts

Bruce Hardy

A project seeking to digitize irreplaceable hominin plaster casts with the ultimate goal of 3D printing them so that students will be able to actively engage with them. The project also plans to make these scans freely accessible to the global community of scholars through Digital Kenyon.

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Voices of the Puuc Angels

Sam Pack

Tomas Gallareta Cervera

This project will document the different ideas that local people have about rural lifeways in Yucatan and their relationship to the archaeological past through digital storytelling.

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Oberlin Projects


Accelerated Motion

Ann Cooper-Albright

A dynamic model for the successful integration of theory and practice in the dance classroom


Away Journal

Laurie McMillin

A journal of travel writing, inspired by students’ writing and artistic reflection on their study away experiences.

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Basic String Pedagogy in Action

Joanne Erwin

Short videos are intended to illustrate fundamental string pedagogy techniques

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Criminal Courts of DC

Tamika Nunley

Transcription of several sets of court records from the Civil War era in Washington, D.C.

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Digitizing the Oberlin College Paleontology Collections

Karla Hubbard

In their coursework, students image and update taxonomic metadata for a collection of 9,000 specimens

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Digitizing American Feminisms

Carol Lasser

Students create digital projects in American women’s history drawing on manuscripts from the Oberlin College Archives.

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In Search of Lost Women: On Prostitution in the City of Paris and Beyond

Libby Murphy​
Greggor Mattson​

In Search of Lost Women provides the first English-language translations of selections of On Prostitution in the City of Paris

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Modern Middle Eastern Borders Archive

Zeinab Abul-Magd

A website of maps of the Middle East from the early 1800s till WWI and other primary records from the British and Ottoman archives.


Music Festivals Database

Charles McGuire

A relational database of British music festivals to be mined by students in coursework

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Cover of the book "Genbaku shishu" by Sankichi Toge

Popular Protest in Postwar Japan: The Antiwar Art of Shikoku Gorō

Ann Sherif

This exhibit situates the art of Hiroshima native Shikoku Gorō in the context of antiwar, antinuclear, and social justice movements from 1945 to 2020.

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Ohio Wesleyan Projects

Digital Assets for a Flipped General Chemistry Classroom

Dale Brugh

A collection of video lectures and chemical drawings created to prepare students for meaningful in-class activities and allow for outside study at each student’s chosen pace.

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Mapping the Martyrs

David Eastman

An interactive map documenting locations and dates of martyrdom and persecution in early Christianity with links to primary sources, related bibliographies, and discussions examining historical significance.

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Engaging Columbus: Historical and Contemporary Maps of Columbus for Engaged Learning

John Krygier, OWU

David Bernstein, DEN

An ArcGIS-based app that enables users to compare historic Baist’s real estate atlases from 1899, 1910, and 1920 to contemporary maps of Columbus neighborhoods.

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Flipped Chinese Classroom

Ching-Hsuan Wu

A collection of video clips on major Chinese grammar rules that provides students with textbook-based examples created by a native Chinese speaker.

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Ciudad Juárez: Urban Art and Poetry

Dr. Juan Armando Rojas Joo

A spatial representation of artistic and poetic responses to violence, feminicide, and other cutural and social elements in the US/Mexico border region since the 1990s.

Neatline Exhibit

Digitization of the ‘Crozier Diaries’ and ‘Harvey Letters’

Dr. Barbara Terzian

Digitization of two significant Civil War collections with specific Ohio Wesleyan University connections.

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Wooster Projects

Scudery Edition

Laura Burch

An edition of Madame de Scudery’s Seventeenth-Century Conversations. Phase two of the project seeks to transcribe the remaining 8 volumes, as well as to create a second, more accurate set of textual data derived from the first two volumes to preserve the integrity and homogeneity of the full set.

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Improving Open-Source OCR of Historical Books

Sofia Visa

Will Riall

Computer Science priject to implement and improve workflows from the Early Modern OCR Project (eMOP) for use on Seventeenth-Century French Text. A compliment to Scudéry. Phase two of this project will focus on improving the transcription of italicized words and streamlining the algorithms used.

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See this project’s code on GitHub!

Digital Edition of Mein Penatenwinkel

Beth Ann Muellner

Transcription and text-based analysis of Carmen Sylva’s novel, and ground-truthing for OCR experimentation.

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Zach Philips-Gary

Katie Holt

James Bonk

Shelley Judge

An easy-to-use, web-based mapping tool that uses Google Sheets for input. No installations required (probably).

See this project’s code on GitHub!

Elsewhere.Anywhere: A Travel Writing Journal

Jennifer Hayward

Ananya Shrestha

A publication platform for students of Professor Hayward’s Writing Travel course.

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Gateway for Wooster Women in Sport

Brenda Meese

An Omeka project in which students curate exhibits about eras in sport for women at the College of Wooster, selecting images from the larger digital collection

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See this project’s code on GitHub!

Digitizing the Archive: Newspapers of the 19th century British in Chile

Jennifer Hayward

A digital archive of the English-language newspapers published in Chile between 1843 and 1904. This extensive archive, currently available only on microfilm at the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile, is virtually untapped.

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History of the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program at the College of Wooster

Christa Craven

This project aims to collect and archive data related to the history of the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Program at the College of Wooster.

History of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction

Niklas Manz

This project intends to create a website that will be the go-to place to investigate and understand the historical background of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction.

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