Welcome to the very first iteration of the space for the Ohio Five’s new Mellon-funded initiative, Digital Scholarship: Projects & Pedagogy. This is the barest of bare-bones sites at this point, but I want you to know that you’re in the right place! This will be the space where we feature projects that faculty and students are working on, post information about digital scholarship and the Ohio Five’s new Mellon Digital Scholar, and where we post information about the grant and our micro-granting process. ¬†(Only OH5 folks are eligible for the microgrants: sorry rest-of-the-internets!).

Our goal with Projects & Pedagogy is to think, not only about digital collections, but about how we in The Five Colleges can use “the digital” to approach research questions differently. More importantly, of course, we’re interested in the ways that¬†digital tools, modes, and methodologies can be folded into our teaching in fundamental ways.

Please, come back as we’ll be filling this space with project descriptions as they roll in. In the near term–and while we wait for new projects to grow–we’ll populate the site with some of the collections that faculty, students, and librarians built in the recently completed Next Generation Library initiative.