Ohio Wesleyan Projects

Digital Assets for a Flipped General Chemistry Classroom

Dale Brugh

A collection of video lectures and chemical drawings created to prepare students for meaningful in-class activities and allow for outside study at each student’s chosen pace.

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Mapping the Martyrs

David Eastman

An interactive map documenting locations and dates of martyrdom and persecution in early Christianity with links to primary sources, related bibliographies, and discussions examining historical significance.

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Engaging Columbus: Historical and Contemporary Maps of Columbus for Engaged Learning

John Krygier, OWU

David Bernstein, DEN

An ArcGIS-based app that enables users to compare historic Baist’s real estate atlases from 1899, 1910, and 1920 to contemporary maps of Columbus neighborhoods.

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Flipped Chinese Classroom

Ching-Hsuan Wu

A collection of video clips on major Chinese grammar rules that provides students with textbook-based examples created by a native Chinese speaker.

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Ciudad Juárez: Urban Art and Poetry

Dr. Juan Armando Rojas Joo

A spatial representation of artistic and poetic responses to violence, feminicide, and other cutural and social elements in the US/Mexico border region since the 1990s.

Neatline Exhibit

Digitization of the ‘Crozier Diaries’ and ‘Harvey Letters’

Dr. Barbara Terzian

Digitization of two significant Civil War collections with specific Ohio Wesleyan University connections.