We are in another changing season for this iteration of the Ohio Five’s Digital Scholarship initiative, generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

In the first year under this grant, Ohio Five Digital Scholarship focused on building relationships and then establishing and testing the workflows under which projects would grow. In its second year, there was a shift to active project development and, where possible, plugging the efforts of #oh5ds into the larger landscapes of DS in the Liberal Arts, Digital Humanities, and Digital Scholarship writ large. As we reached a halfway point we also began to look toward the future: What will Ohio Five DS look like in two years? Or in five years?

We will, of course, continue to encourage interested faculty to let us know that they have an idea, and to build up our expanding managerie of projects. To foster an environment of sustainable digital project development, however, we also want to cultivate a sense of consortial identity for our digital scholarship community. A chief concern is that we don’t always know what’s happening around the Ohio Five, yet we want to learn from and build upon our colleagues’ great work. Innovative digital pedagogies can be siloed in their own campus contexts, much less within a consortium separated by hundreds of miles; as we move forward in the near term we want to be deliberate about making connections and, importantly, helping others make connections with one another.