Screenshot of the interface
I’ve recently knit together a few (google) calendars and given the aggregation a home on our website. The OH5 Digital Scholarship Calendars Page looks like it’s just one calendar, but I’ve just knit together the Ohio Five DS Events calendar, the calendar for DS conferences maintained by the ACRL/DLF, and my own Ohio Five calendar for anyone who wants to know what scheduled events I have there.

Users can select any of those three calendars to view at any time, as you can see in the screen grab here. Also note that you can look at an agenda or weekly view of the calendars to get more details.

Users should also note how sparsely populated the OH5DS events calendar is. If you have something you think should be posted, email me, tweet at me, or post it on our OH5DS Facebook Page. I’d love to know — and to share with rest of the Ohio Five — what’s happening on your campus

I offer this post as a placeholder because the one I had been working on – the one on “why facebook” that I promised a few weeks back – has turned into something of beast that I’ll have to comtinue writing, only to trim it back down to something not worthy of the tl;dr distinction.




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