Wooster Women in Sport

Sophomore Hockey Team, 1917-1918

The focus of this project will be to build an Omeka portal for the digital collection, Women in Sport and Physical Education at The College of Wooster, 1868-2010, which was previously developed by Brenda Meese and Julia Gustafson. This portal will be used to highlight various aspects of the collection (pioneers, sport histories, facilities, eras, etc. ) while providing the viewer with concrete examples of these areas from the digital collection. The gateway will serve to educate viewers on different aspects of the college’s history of women’s sport while also inviting the users into the ContentDM (CDM) collection.

Professor Meese plans to involve students from the College of Wooster in this project in several ways. First, current members of her class on Women and Sport will populate part of the portal with student-curated content. Second, students will be hired to select the appropriate theme for the portal and aid in uploading this content. Finally, students will be able to continue to add value to the content through a variety of projects developed for the class in the future.