Voices of the Puuc Angels: Rural Life Among the Archaeological Ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula



This project will document the different ideas that local people have about rural lifeways in Yucatan and their relationship to the archaeological past through digital storytelling. Our objective is to explore current ideas about local identity, cultural heritage, and connection with a past that has been aggressively shaped by multiple layers of history, colonialism, and nation building. We will focus on the Puuc region of the Yucatán peninsula in general, but specifically on Don Pedro Gongora, the last of the local agriculturalists-turned site custodians. Moreover, we will record significant places of local communities by creating a geodatabase using hand held GPS devices and analyze the data using GIS software. The project’s methodology consists of multi-site interviews with targeted members of the Puuc community. Interviews will mainly take place in the city of Oxcutzcab and other rural villages.