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Denison Project on Missionary History featured in “The DEN”

DEN: Baptists in Burma informational FLyerA collaborative team led by between Denison Humanities Librarian Josh Finnell, Museum Director Sherry Harlacher, and Assistant Professor of Religion Jonathan Moore will create a digital map that will trace Denison’s missionary activity through 19th- and 20th-century Burma. This large scale project exemplifies many levels of colloaboration, not only at the local, interdepartmental level, but nationally as well, drawing on resources from the American Baptists Historical Society, the Yale Divinity School, and the Center for Burma studies. Moreover, the project promises significant involvement of undergraduate student specialists who are collecting and curating materials from these various locales as part of assistantships and coursework.

Please check out the article on TheDEN and explore the project further! You should also like the project’s page on Facebook and follow it on Twitter

Eight Bits 1.1 (OCT 2014)

logo.8_bit_smallThe inaugural issue of Eight Bits just went out via email to our list of Ohio Five digital scholarship enthusiasts! You can find a link to the web-archived version here, where you can also share the issue and subscribe to our list. You can also subscribe to our list by filling out the form in the footer below.

The idea here is that every other month, on or around the first, we’ll send out an newsletter with eight bits of news (see what I did there). This will be one way of keeping everyone in touch with some of the things that we’re doing in the Ohio Five with digital scholarship and pedagogy.

I plan to write a little more about using MailChimp for our newsletter. It’s a great interface that (so far) seems a perfect fit for our academic purposes. The free account is doing the job, as it should for users in higher ed. Stay tuned for that (or you can follow me on Twitter; I’m sure to tweet a link to the post when it drops.)

Laurie McMillin’s (OBE) “Away” Journal noted in Oberlin’s News Center

On 7 October, Oberlin’s News Center featured an article about Oberlin professor Laurie McMillin’s newly instituted travel journal, Away. In her article, Rosalind Black writes about the genesis of the project, as well as the way in which in features Oberlin students from the past, the present, and — as potential contributors to the journal — the future.

Read the Full Article. (External Link)