Wooster Projects

Scudery Edition

Laura Burch

An edition of Madame de Scudery’s Seventeenth-Century Conversations

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Improving Open-Source OCR of Historical Books

Sofia Visa

Will Riall

Computer Science priject to implement and improve workflows from the Early Modern OCR Project (eMOP) for use on Seventeenth-Century French Text. A compliment to Scudéry.

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See this project’s code on GitHub!

Digital Edition of Mein Penatenwinkel

Beth Ann Muellner

Transcription and text-based analysis of Carmen Sylva’s novel, and ground-truthing for OCR experimentation.

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Zach Philips-Gary

Katie Holt

James Bonk

Shelley Judge

An easy-to-use, web-based mapping tool that uses Google Sheets for input. No installations required (probably).

See this project’s code on GitHub!

A Travel Writing Journal

Jennifer Hayward

Ananya Shrestha

A publication platform for students of Professor Hayward’s Writing Travel course.

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Gateway for Wooster Women in Sport

Brenda Meese

An Omeka project in which students curate exhibits about eras in sport for women at the College of Wooster, selecting images from the larger digital collection

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See this project’s code on GitHub!