Oberlin Projects

Accelerated Motion

Ann Cooper-Albright

A dynamic model for the successful integration of theory and practice in the dance classroom

Basic String Pedagogy in Action

Joanne Erwin

Short videos are intended to illustrate fundamental string pedagogy techniques

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Digitizing the Oberlin College Paleontology Collections

Karla Hubbard

In their coursework, students image and update taxonomic metadata for a collection of 9,000 specimens

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Digitizing American Feminisms

Carol Lasser

Students create digital projects in American women’s history drawing on manuscripts from the Oberlin College Archives.

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Music Festivals Database

Charles McGuire

A relational database of British music festivals to be mined by students in coursework

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Away Journal

Laurie McMillin

A journal of travel writing, inspired by students’ writing and artistic reflection on their study away experiences.

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